Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone Ordering and shipping

5 Minutes before Midnight September 14 I preordered an iPhone 5 from AT&T because I know Apple order systems will be overwhelmed, because Apple won't buy enough bandwidth from Akamai.

Later that day AT&T sends me a txt message at 11:38 AM that my preorder has been processed, and promises another when the order is shipped, and then failed to do that.

Wednesday 9/19 at shows the order was shipped on September 16. I had selected Ship to Home on "Sept 124".

I call 1-888-333-6651. and ATT gives me a tracking number of 502xxxxxxxxx.
   but despite 3 days since the order allegedly shipped neither ATT nor FedEx find it in their computer.
   Is it just in a sealed boxcar in a 747 such that it doesn't get scanned till it gets to local FedEx distribution?

Finally the morning of 9/20 FedEx reports Scheduled for delivery September 21, befopre 3 PM.