Monday, December 26, 2011

Apple Stock Holder that I am (In my IRA), I was interested to learn an explanation of the details behind the jump upward in the price of Apple stock. I thought that iPhones still being back ordered 2 weeks, and now for sale in many additional countries, or the prospect of an iPad 3 early in 2012; were ample reasons, Also, I thought the Dow being up 3 % as the Stock Market opened Tuesday explained it; but now belatedly I read of an Apple acquisition that may explain it to some. Not to me. No way a $500 million acquisition explains a $10 Billion increase in a comnpany's value.
Anyway the story is here, and the acquisition will help Apple's vertical integration.

It story reads in part:

Israeli newspaper Calcalist reported Tuesday that the Cupertino company has completed its purchase of Israel's Anobit, a flash-memory company, for $400 million to $500 million.

The report received more credence when the office Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted "Welcome to Israel, Apple Inc. on your 1st acquisition here."

Apple's largest acquisition was the purchase of NeXT for slightly more than $400 million in 1997, the move that brought Apple co-founder Steve Jobs back to the company, where he would eventually retake his CEO perch and lead it through the introduction of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Anobit's flash-based technology "significantly improves the endurance, performance and cost of flash storage products and systems," according to the company; its data-storage technology is already used in some Apple products.

Apple stock gained $13.89, or 3.63 percent, to $396.10 on Tuesday.

Zero Carb Noodles:

Was emailed a link to a story about zero Carb noodles from Japan.

Read about them here:

I went looking for the zero Carb Noodles from Japan at Whole Foods and only found ones made from Tofu, not the true zero carb ones made with Glucomannan.

Searching for Glucomannan Noodles, I found "Miracle Noodles",
not cheap, and with a review this bad:

I skipped all the negative reviews and thought I would give it a try myself...ugh, should have listened to the bad reviews. First of all, when you open them, they stink like bad fish-they come in a bag of water; secondly, no matter how I prepared them (I tried several different recipes), I still couldn't get rid of that smell; third, and foremost, the texture of the noodles is so gross - I felt like I was eating rubber...I just couldn't get past that. Oh well, at least I gave it a try, but they are not for me. Some people swear by them, not me.

And even though another reviewer said:

.rinse them a number of times in a colander, then cover with water and soak for a few minutes, then scald them in boiling water for a few minutes. After this I detected no odor or flavor.

I think I'll pass.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

iPad 3: I read online where someone predicts the iPad 3 will be announced or released on Feb. 24, 2012; Steve Jobs birthday is Feb. 24.
Story here:

Whenever it comes out, my attitude is: