Sunday, November 28, 2010

Going to 12 mbps Internet: ATT dsl maxes out at 6 mbps; so if I wanted faster through ATT, I was forced to go to Uverse, not a happy prospect knowing how disorganized Uverse is (they totally fubarred a UVerse TV installation last January, so I upgraded my DirecTv instead), with half of ATT Broadband/Uverse support in the Phillipines, and the rest usually giving out Bogus information. I had to use an ATT supplied Uverse Modem, a 2Wire model 3600HGV, which none of the Uverse CSRs Level 1 or Level 2 know squat about. They make up answers. Phillipine support is stumped by most any question. ATT sent me email, snail mail, phone calls, and cell txt messages reminding me about my impending UVerse TV Install (I was getting only Uverse Internet)
CSR BOGUS made up answers:
1. You don't need dsl filters any more.
BOGUS The box from 2Wire, sent by ATT has a full set of dsl filters
2. It may take hours for the "order" to float through the system, wait till 8 PM before activating.
BOGUS I tried activating as soon as my line was lighting up the 2Wire modem (green at Broadband), 5 minutes later I was on the Internet again. (At 11 AM), but still got an automated phone call from Uverse at 6 PM, reminding me to try to activate at 8 PM.
3. I was told there was no way to reconfigure the modem to a 192.168. 0.1 IP# to match my existing network, and I was stuck with its default address; and any change would negatively impact the ATT network anyway. One CSR said use another router behind the 2Wire, another said that's not supported; don't do it. I was almost ready to cancel my Uverse order.
Again, Totally Bogus, I went to SETTINGS, LAN, DHCP in the modem setup; and there is the Menu for changing the modems default IP. Couldn't be simpler, once you knew where to go. I found that menu by trial and error. And apparently CSRs are trained to lie.

Although ATT supplies dsl with no fees or hardware charges, the same is not true for UVerse. I negotiated away the SETUP fee and hardware charge for Uverse Internet before I would accept it.

No proper manual is supplied with the "Self Install" kit, luckily I set it all up while I still had dsl,
and Google is one's friend.

I had to reconfigure the Security on my 2Wire modem for my existing network, a new SSID (from my existing Network) that didn't broadcast , and a new 26 character WPA password to match what my network already used. That worked well for all devices (Printers, Laptop, 2 Desktops, iPhone, DirecTv DVR) except my Linksys WET54G Bridges that connect my Sony model 460 BlueRay player to the Internet. It uses older WPA encryption, and it had to be reconfigured to match what the 2Wire would accept. Good thing I have 20 years experience with TCP/IP and 10 years experience with WiFi; and lots of Networking experience, one needs to know about subnets and masks.After my phone line was switched over (My Voice line was only down for a few minutes, 2 separate times).

I tested my new Network Speed. Generally as expected and hoped for, double of what I got when I had 6 mbps dsl. Now 10 mbps or better actual download locally, somewhat less when farther away websites are chosen. 8 mbps on WiFi with my iPhone, faster from another desktop on wifi. Need to download again Windows 7 Service Pack release candidate to test speed. Desktop speed tested at

Followup: Early Sunday morning my iPhone tested at 10.95 mbps download WiFi speed, using the free App. "Speed Test".

Now to see if my next ATT bill credits me for having my dsl shut off on November 27, 2010, and doesn't "forget" to credit the sales tax that was charged on it. Then to make sure a friend who "referred" me to Uverse gets his $50 referral credit.