Thursday, May 28, 2009

$521 Bundle of Macintosh software for under $50 !!

- TechTool Pro 5 ($98.00) - comprehensive Mac tool to check the health of your RAM, hard drives, repair problems and optimize performance
- Parallels Desktop 4 ($79.99) - virtualization for the Mac that allows you to run Windows alongside Mac OS X.
- Circus Ponies Notebook 3 ($49.95)- an organizer to take notes with audio annotations, track tasks, collate ideas, clippings, photos
- NetBarrier X5 ($49.95)- firewall and intrusion detection software
- DVDRemaster Pro 5 ($49.99)- backup DVDs, convert DVD movies for use on the iPod, iPhone and AppleTV
- Multiplex ($35.00) - DVD management and playback system
- RipIt ($18.99)- Copy DVDs to your hard drive
- MoneyWell ($49.99) - Finance management software with direct connect banking, envelope budgeting, transaction and cash flow management
- Paperless ($44.95) - manage your receipts and document collections
- Posterino ($24.95)- Use your photos to create posters, postcards, photo frames, greeting cards and more.
- BetterZip ($19.95) - better .zip compression management

Buy it all at
Before June 10, 2009


Saturday, May 23, 2009

WHOOPS : When I changed the Name Server for my web site to its new host, it destroyed the forwarding for email using that Domain. So for 9 days, I got no SPAM to those email addresses. Today I went to the location where my web site is now hosted and set up individual email forwards, and all is well.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bye Bye GeoCities: As part of my ATT/Yahoo dsl account, I got to have free hosting of a personal website by Yahoo Geocities. But now, Yahoo has announced it's shutting down GeoCities, and with it the FREE Web Hosting I use for my web site. AT&T as my ISP could care less, and offers no replacement. So I needed a new place for to be out there. Luckily one can Google and find listings of free web hosting sites like HERE. Hosting companies have limits of storage space and allowed bandwidth for free accounts, so one needs to compare. I decided upon which provides Free Web Hosting for minimalist web sites like, and it's all there now. I apparently snuck in just in time, as Free Web Hosting Accounts are unavailable until May 26, when they change Servers and when they again will accept new Free Hosting Accounts.
It was easy to go to my domain registrar:, login and change the NameServer associated with, it took a little longer (less than 24 hours total) for atbhost to get their stars alligned, so I could ftp my web site files over, but all is good now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Money: One thing that hurts some folks in current economy is low interest rates paid on savings. Luckily most of my retirement savings is in CDs, some paying as much as 4.2%. My after tax money was split between E-Trade and Emigrant Direct Savings. Emigrant Direct is down to 1.65%, a far cry from the 5% they paid 2 years ago. E-Trade was down to 1.25% so I started moving money to the higher interest account. This morning I note E-Trade is no longer displaying the interest rate on its web site, and I found out why. After doing a bunch of searching on their web site I found out they are now only paying 0.95% Interest in a Savings Account, so my account there is on its way to being closed out.

Check HERE for current Interest Rates around the country. Don't believe E-Trades' lies that their rates are competitive or the tops in the Industry.

? Bugs ? with Firefox 3.0.10 : In the Macintosh version I have to reInstall it every 2 weeks as it loses its ability to display GMAIL in HTML. The Windows version in Windows 7/64 has to be closed with a File / Quit, or it loses its ability to remember your tabs, if you quit from the "X" in the upper right hand corner.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windows 64 bit Freeware: I found this link of one mans' list of best free software for your 64 bit System. I would expect 99+% of Vista 64 bit software to run in Windows 7/64.
Drivers for Windows 7/64 bit Version: When Windows XP first appeared in a 64 bit version, and later to a lesser extent with the 64 bit Version of Windows Vista/64 Drivers for Video cards, printers, etc were sometimes hard to find or buggy as all get out. I am happy to report that Microsoft already has Beta Windows 7/64 drivers for their Keyboards and Mice, and for other devices, so far many Vista 64 bit drivers have worked well. Certainly all the Apple supplied Drivers for Vista/64 seem to function normally with Windows 7/64. The HP Vista/64 driver for their C5200 Photosmart Printers report they are unable to establish two way communication with the printer, so they can't report ink levels, which may be just as good as HP will suggest replacing an ink cartridge L O N G before its needed. Also the scan function doesn't work as apparently with the Vista/64 drivers, HP included a 32 bit scan program, maybe by6 months after Windows 7 is officially released, HP will get its act in gear. Folks here are not optimistic, but confirm my findings of no 64 bit working driver. The file downloads to an X86 directory, so its obviously 32 bit software that HP hopes works on a 64 bit system, rather than a recompile. After installing it a second time over the first, it seems to be working now.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Good News on Windows 7 : I now have successfully installed Windows 7 RC1 64-bit Version on a separate Hard drive on my MacPro. I get all my Nvidia's speed doing it this way, rather than losing all the video speed by installing under Parallels.

The Install was hardly straightforward. I had to HACK both the Windows Install DVD, and the BootCamp drivers to get either to run.

These instructions did not work for me.

To Create a usable Install DVD HERE are instructions for using oscdimg.exe, otherwise a normal burn of the ISO from Microsoft will not work on an Apple MacPro.

A post HERE at explains how to install 64 bit drivers under Windows 7 on a Macintosh using the freeware Orca.msi, because otherwise the 64 bit Vista Bootcamp Drivers exe file you're told to use won't run.

Then once Windows 7 is up and running, turn off third party cookies in Internet Explorer (Under Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Advanced) and turn off Windows' User Account Control Settings, so you don't get all the Vista-like nag warnings (found under Control Panel - Action Center - User Account Control Settings).

After the 3 hours all that took (not to mention myriad hours till I gave up using Bootcamp for the X86 32 bit version - see earlier posts) a properly tweaked Windows 7 is much nicer than Vista.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Windows 7 - So now I'm trying to use Apple's BootCamp to Install Windows 7 RC 1 Build 7100; on an Intel MacPro and despite using instructions from folks who say they've done it it successfully, I can't get it to work. Next I'm going to try to Install Microsoft Windows Vista on a separate Hard Drive, and then upgrade it to Windows 7, which Microsoft says works. After successfully installing Vista, Windows 7 says it can't upgrade because it needs Vista SP1. So I go back to install Vista SP 1, but it needs 79 Windows Vista Security upgrades first.

FOLLOWUP: Unable to upgrade, reports back that Windows 7 is incompatible, and it rolls the System back to Vista. Why should I be surprised that Microsoft mispoke.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

More Windows 7 Grief: The Release Candidate now has all the obnoxious nag warnings of Vista. Is this the update put in the Release Candidate? BLECH !! You can set programs to run in Windows XP compatibility mode, but they still report being incompatible and throw off NAG warnings. Symantic Antivirus 2009, a 6 month old program reports incompatibilities.
However running AntiVirus, it did identify 2 dozen tracking cookies for deletion, apparently all placed by the default Internet Explorer home website of; something else for me to change. Shame on Microsoft for all that Spyware !!! Then to turn off all 3rd party cookies.

Windows 7 = Windows Vista ME

I think anyone writing a review about how great Windows 7 Release Candidate is, was either using an earlier version, or didn't put Windows 7 through any paces, or is just a Microsoft stooge.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Windows 7: So I'm working with the Release Candidate of Windows 7 (Build 7100), and Microsoft arrogance shows up immediately. I have a minor issue, find a PDF support file, but unlike Mac OS X, Windows does not come with a PDF reader, and that is not acceptable as Adobe Reader 7.09 (which I had to download) won't run, as its "incompatible with this version of Windows", even if run as Windows XP compatible. It's not obvious Windows XP compatibility mode does anything.
So which rube let all that happen?
Another example of what Microsoft doesn't tell you about in their commercials showing how you can buy a PC cheaper than a Mac ( if you skew your wants list for the computer ) if you ignore all the missing features and software of the cheaper PC; and likely added crapware.