Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Stopping Junk Phone Calls If you don't like coming home from work and finding junk phone calls on your answering machine, there is a cure: Start your recorded message with the wailing sound one gets when calling a disconnected number. That sound is called a SIT, and the sound file for it can be found by doing a Google search for "sit.wav". This week the first good hit is here. Automatic dialers that junk callers use "hear" that sound, and conclude your line is disconnected, and don't leave a message, and may remove your phone number from their database.

Monday, September 08, 2003

The Washington Post is Guilty of using spyware:
Come to find out if one goes to the Washington Posts' Crossword puzzles page, you get some spyware installed also. Ran Lavasoft's Adaware before and after and BINGO: Spyware gets installed.

SHAME on the Washington Post.

IBM's Great commercial : "If Linux were a person, he would be growing, fast. Taught by the best. Gaining wisdom beyond his years. And sharing. He would be in business, education, government and homes. He would be a nine-year-old boy changing the world."